Cakes & Pastries

At Bulldog Cake Company we offer a variety of different custom cakes and pastries made to order; just email us at with your order inquiry and we will be happy to discuss flavors, design, and send you a quote. The base price for all custom orders is $50 per hour of labor, however, pricing and availability vary depending on size, detail, and business demand. Below are a few examples of cakes* made previously with their prices to give you an idea of what to expect. (*Images not available on mobile site; please see full website.)

Simple Cakes

We offer a variety of simple, one tiered cakes. You can choose your flavor and frosting, or we can help you decide on a delicious option!

10" buttercream cake with minimal decoration. Feeds approximately 20 people.

$ 50.00

10" buttercream cake with elaborate decoration, including edible images and airbrush work. Feeds approximately 20 people.

$ 75.00

10" fondant cake with moderate decoration. Feeds approximately 20 people.

$ 75.00

10" square buttercream cake with piping detail and edible images. Feeds approximately 36 people.



Tiered and Sculpted Cakes

We also offer a variety of larger, more elaborate cakes for your special occasions.

Four tiered cake with fondant and buttercream decoration. Feeds approximately 100 people.

$ 400.00

Three tiered wedding cake with fondant, buttercream piping detail, and pastillage flowers. Feeds approximately 75 people.

$ 500.00

Sculpted cake with fondant, buttercream decorations, and airbrush work. Feeds approximately 75 people.

$ 600.00

Sculpted cake with fondant decorations and airbrush work atop a 10" buttercream cake with edible images. Feeds approximately 100 people.


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